At Agapé we believe that love is everything. It’s the foundation of all things good in humanity, the catalyst for societal progress, and the nucleus of human desire. That's why we've created a relationship wellness app that makes it easy for couples to feel and show love. Couples start their day with a question to spark meaningful conversation and end their day with a guided relaxation to grow closer.

Team Bios

Our team is based in New York and we are proud of our diversity. Diverse teams create better outcomes and our team is diverse across age, gender, race, and sexuality.

Kadie Okwudili - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Khadesha Okwudili is the Founder, CEO of Agape. Formerly, she worked as a research assistant at the University of Rochester and Weill Cornell Medicine. After several near death experiences she decided to deviate from a career path in medicine.

Cultivating her entrepreneurial desires - drawing on her research background and incorporating her desire to better humankind - she came up with the idea for Agape. Agapé is a relationship wellness app that sends personalized questions to spark meaningful conversations.

Ronald Rogge, PhD - Chief Research Officer

Ron is a clinical relationship psychologist at the University of Rochester who served 2 tours in Iraq and has over 20 years of experience. With more than 75 publications, Ron is top 20 in his field. One of his most notable achievements is the development of the PAIR program.

PAIR is a program that helps couples to cultivate greater mindfulness in their relationships in a manner that perfectly aligns with the principles of Agapé. When tested in newlywed couples, the PAIR program cut the divorce rate in half over the early years of marriage. By incorporating the findings from his research, Ron is making sure Agapé is as effective as it is fun.

Larry McKenzie - Engineering Lead

Caley Davis - Senior Software Engineer

Riley Fitzpatrick - Junior Software Engineer

Riley is an undergraduate Computer Science major at Rochester Institute of Technology interested in entrepreneurship. He is particularly interested in areas such as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, design, brain-computer interfaces, computer interaction, and more.